Tuesday, February 28, 2012

June 2011 Update

My Mother’s day present this year from my parents was a picture session with a friend of ours. The pictures turned out so cute and Monica did such a great job capturing the kids and their love for each other. And from Garron, I bought myself the watch I have been waiting for, for a while.

We moved into our new house and we are loving all the space and huge closets! 


I started coaching cheer for Lone Peak Freshman team. I am so excited. 
We are doing as much swimming and boating as the weather will allow.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

May 2011 Update Part 2

It was also the Mother/Daughter Activity for Activity days this month, where we did a "T" Party and had lots of fun. We had little chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, veggies, chips and dip and lemonade. We also talked about Temples and Testimonies. We had visited the temple with the girls and they all had a chance to write down their testimonies and those were handed out to their moms at the activity. Those girls are so cute!

It was Bryce’s 16th birthday and Owens first official hair cut this month as well. As you can tell, Olivea need a cut too.

Before pictures

Before Picture of Livy's CRAZY hair

After... She did such a good job.

Owen on the other hand... DID NOT Like it one bit.

Happy HANDSOME boy after it was all done.
 Also, we found out that someone bought our townhouse so we need to move. We have been looking for several weeks and finally found the perfect home, not too far from our current place too. We love it.

May 2011 Update Part 1

This month marks 5 years since my mom had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. So I threw her a surprise party with all her friends and family. It was such a great turnout and she says she was so surprised. That same day happened to be Liz’s baby shower so Mom watched my kids while I went to the shower and then she met me back at the house to see all her friends for the party. 

The car seat cover I made her. With matching burp rags.

The cutest little saying.. "My finger may be little but I can still wrap my Daddy around it"

All the food and friends waiting for my mom to arrive.

We hung up signs that we given to her during her treatment. There was also a display table with some of the items that she received during the hard days. As center pieces on the tables, we put all her hats that she wore once she shaved her head.

Decorated the front lawn with pink and white balloons and my Dad made a "Happy 5 year anniversary" Sign.

Some sweet old friends from the Waterpark

Kallie and Owen. Everyone wore pink in honor of Breast Cancer.

Shelby and Parker

Getting all the invitations made and ready to send out to more then 50 families.

An example of the invitation we sent out. Love those.

April 2011 Update

Garron and I celebrated 3 years of marriage on the 18th. We dont have any pictures to document and honestly, I cant remember what we did. I think dinner at my favorite, Tepanyaki and we celebrated not being pregnant!!  
And this was Livy’s first official Egg Hunt. Not too many pictures to document unfortunately. But we had fun getting her and Owen gifts from the Easter Bunny and then going to the Ward Egg Hunt. She didnt really understand what to do but she had fun.

My family bought a boat recently so they wanted to go somewhere for spring break and use the boat. So we ventured down to Lake Mead in Vegas, where I stayed with Garrons parents and they were so sweet to watch the kids for 2 days while we went boating. Garron was working in Vegas that week so he took Friday off and came out on the boat with us. The drive down and back was great and Owen didn’t make a peep. 
Riding with Papa on the scooter.

Sweet Owen hanging out in the baby tube.

Swimming at my parents hotel. Livy LOVES swimming and was in heaven.

Garron and Parker (Shelby's Boyfriend) tubing together. They are crazy because the water was FREEZING.

We stopped for lunch on our way out of town.