Thursday, July 23, 2009

Now it's Kallie's Turn...

I guess everyone in my family has gotten a surprise party except for Kallie. So this year she turned 20 on the 20th of July and all she wanted (at the time) was a surprise party. So my mom, being the party queen that she is, planned a surprise party for Kallie and her friends at The Old Spaghetti Factory a week before her actual birthday.

We had told her that Grandma and Grandpa had invited the family to dinner that night at 7:30 after her class. But really all of the invitees would show up around 7. I went into work that day to help with a large group and hurried to make it there right as Kallie was pulling up. Once we got into the restaurant we found the party room and everyone had their faces covered with their menus. Once Kallie walked in everyone yelled SURPRISE. She was so happy and definetly surprised.

Happy Birthday Kallie!!

The siblings with mama (minus bryce)

Kallie making her birthday wish.

Kallie and some of her bestest friends

Kallie and mom, right as she walked in.

A Day at the Waterpark

Some of you may know that my parents own Raging Waters Water Park in Salt Lake. Well every so often we decide to spend the day there and bring along some friends. The first day we went this year was after my dad's surprise party with some of my family and some friends from my ward. I didnt get too many pictures but there are some to document the day.

We had a great time cooling off in the water and spending time with friends. Ever since I got EXTREMELY burned on my honeymoon I have tried to be better with putting sunscreen on. I reminded Garron and Trissa (garron's sister) to put sunscreen on, however no one listened. So Garron got FRIED on his back and Trissa got FRIED on her sholders and chest. Lesson learned?? You bet it was.. Always listen to Abby!!!! (Too bad I didnt get any pictures of the sunburn!)

Trissa and Aubrey (my cousin)

Garron and MaKayla (friend from ward)

Garron and MaKayla coming down the slide.

Update... Starting with June 22nd

This year my dad turned the big 5-0. So my mom decided to throw him a surprise party. For anyone that knows my dad, he hates to be put on the spot so a surprise party was PERFECT!!
My mom had arranged for my dads brothers and their families to come up from California to celebrate. When he saw his brothers he got a little emotional... so tender!!!

After all day of setting up and getting ready, it was a great time had by all!!

My dad with his good friend, Mark Larsen

Monday, July 6, 2009


I have heard that blogspot is so much easier to use than Wordpress so I thought I would give it a try. Be patient with me as I learn the "ins" and "outs" of this program and as I update you all on our life.