Friday, April 8, 2011

Halloween 2010... A Little Late???

Garron was gone again this year for Halloween but that didn’t stop us from the festivities. Olivea was a Lady Bug and Owen wore Livy’s costume from last year and was a Duck. They looked so cute.
             We went to my parent’s ward activity. They usually have a “carnival” with activities for the little kids and dinner and dessert for everyone. My parents were actually in Hawaii I think, so Shelby, Parker, Bryce and me and the kids went to the party to get some use out of the costumes. I didn’t want to take Olivea and Owen around Trick-or-Treating by myself and it was raining all day and night. Plus they are so little that I could get away with just taking them to ward functions and they wouldn’t know the difference.

One of the Scott Family's grand kids with Olivea

 Shelby, Parker, and Olivea
Bryce and Parker
 Ann Beal and Olivea (mom's good friend)
We also went to my ward activity were we just had dinner and pictures taken. We sat with the McClellan family and Marci got her whole family all dressed up. I could barely recognize her!
                It was a fun year but it will be so fun once Olivea and Owen want to dress up like something specific and we can take them around the neighborhood showing off their cute costumes. Till next year I guess.
 Brian, Jason, Marci, Alli, and Alaina McClellan
Me and the Kiddos