Monday, March 28, 2011

Playing Catch up Once Again...

Lets start with Owen's Blessing:
We had to do Owen’s blessing on Oct. 10th at our home and I will explain why. My grandparents were leaving for Hawaii on the 17th, Garron had to work and his schedule was so crazy that he flew in that Sunday morning and had to leave the next day and wouldn’t be back till the next Sunday evening and then my grandparents left the next day. So we originally were going to have it at the church building but for some reason Michael and Amy booked flights for Saturday night and had to drive back Sunday night to get to work on Monday. They booked them before we knew we could change the date. Something happened with Garrons schedule where we were going to do it the next week but by that time Michael and Amy had already bought flights.
Confused yet??? Me too!!!
                We had a ton of people come to support us and for that I am truly grateful. Those that had to drive back to Vegas didn’t stay long after the actual blessing and food but I am glad they were able to make it.
Owen looked so handsome and Garron did a wonderful job blessing him. We had a baked potato bar with all the toppings. Plus my mom made her amazing chili and also had cornbread for those that didn’t want a potato. I made Texas Sheet Cake for dessert and I think it is safe to say that we were all very full. 

 Curtis Family (minus Brett)
 Garron's Grandparents
  My Grandma and Garron's Mom
 Jennifer- Garron's Mom
 Combs Family

 Curtis Girls

My Family

It was a wonderful day and I am grateful for my husband and that he holds the priesthood to be able to bless our children and bless our home like I grew up thinking my hubby would. I love you Garron!

I had all the men of Owen’s immediate family go outside and take pictures
               I love that I have those pics but the grass was wet and we ended up having everyone dry off their shoes with a towel before coming back in.