Monday, January 30, 2012

March 2011 Update Part 2

Continuing with March. 

My birthday was on the 31st and I turned 24. My friend Marci threw a little lunch at her house with some of my friends. It was so nice of Marci and was a great day. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the luncheon. Garron was out of town this time for the big day, but he sent flowers and cake. 
Oh and Olivea can official go to Nursery at church because she is now 18months. WOO HOO. The church is true.

And I guess she can gamble too at 18 Months. Gotta start them young right?!?

March 2011 Update part 1

This month, Garron's brother, Michael, got married. He met Amy on his mission to Leeds, England. So we went down to be a part of the festivities. Congrats you two! 
Livy Playing at Aunt Brianna's House

A trip around the block in the 'vet with Papa and Daddy

A trip to the park to try and get out of the house.

Always, a trip to Target. Livy and Brayden rode in the back...

And Owen in the cart. (couldnt sit up yet)

Of course we had to get our nails done for the big day

Papa is so great with the babies.

The happy couple.

The Comb's Family

Livy did this most of the time... Run around in the nice heat.

Monday, January 23, 2012

February 2011 Update

My mom's birthday was this month and we celebrated by going out for pizza and then walked around the Provo Beach Resort. Livy had fun playing in the play-place and Owen was content in his car seat. Also, Owen turned 6 Months. Guess it was kind of a low key month but with two babies under 2 nothing is ever "low-key". :)