Wednesday, May 23, 2012

August 2011 More Update... Ashley's Wedding

So I flew down to Vegas (with the two kids) for my good friend, Ashley's Wedding. I was so excited and honored to be a part of her wedding and so happy for the two of them. The night before the wedding, we had Ashley’s bachelorette party. We went to dinner at a habachi house and then, because we had a connection, went dancing at a club. It was so fun to dance and be with the girls but a little awkward since I'm married and a mormon. :) We also opened presents and had dessert at her friend’s house. It was a fun night.

The day of the wedding was beautiful and HOTT but Ashley and Austin are so happy together and I wish them the best of luck!

August 2011 Update Busy Month!

 Garron started his new job, still traveling, at EV TECH. The first week Garron stared his new job was the week I was supposed to be in Vegas for my good friend, Ashley's wedding. So I flew down all by myself with the two kids (Owen 11 months and Livy 22 Months). It was a little rough but we managed to get through it. Getting through security was a nightmare with one child who can walk but doesn't know to stay by mom and the other cant even really crawl. Kill me!

 While there, Garron’s parents watched the kids a bunch for me for which I was so thankful. We swam with the cousins one afternoon, had lunch, and apparently played dress up...  Cute Girl. It was a fun quick trip!