Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Olivea's Blessing 11.15.0

Olivea's Blessing day was wonderful. We had friends and family over before church for lunch and it was great to see everyone. Garron did a beautiful job with the Blessing and the circle was huge. I kept thinking that we would only have a few people there but I was wrong. Those in the circle were:
Bryce (held the mic)
Grandpa Combs
Josh Harker
The entire Bishopric
Justin Pitcher

We are so greatful for great family and wonderful friends. Thank you to all who came to support us. We love you all.
The boys... 3 generations

Mom and Garron helping to set up lunch

Garron's Family with Olivea
Mommy and Baby

Me and My mom getting Olivea dressedAuntie Liz and Uncle David

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mom's Race...8.12.09

My mom is pretty awesome! After going through Chemo and Radiation for Breast Cancer, my mom was ready to get healthy. She has since joined Weight Watchers to learn to eat healthy and also started running again. A few years ago my mom actually ran a marathon. She runs now almost everyday and usually 3-8 miles a day!! I’m not sure I could even run one mile! But August 8th of this year she entered into her first race since cancer…. a Half Marathon. Some of the family and her besties came to see her cross the finish line. She ran with some of the girls that worked at the Waterpark this year. Keep in mind they are all 20 years younger than her but that didn’t stop her. She crossed the finish line with all of them. Good Job Mom

Shannon, Michelle's Boyfriend, Michelle, Mom

Kallie, Mom, Me

The Whole Gang
Mom and Dad

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shelby Moves Out

Shelby, my little sister, had decided to go to Utah State University in Logan, Utah. She worked really hard to score high enough on her ACT test to get accepted and it paid off. It’s a tradition that Mom and Grandma help to move the girls out, get the apartment set up, and of course go grocery shopping for the first time. When I moved out it was just me, mom and grandma. When Kallie moved out, it was the whole gang. And again when Shelby moved out we all were there. Even Olivea came along… still in the belly though.

We went up on Monday afternoon had dinner and got her apartment set up and groceries purchased. The next morning Mom dropped Shelby off at her first day of work and then we all had to get back so we could work. We had so much fun helping Shelby. It’s always hard to leave but we knew that she would be ok and she is only 2 hours away. Good Luck Shelby.

Shelby and Kallie making the drive to Logan

Grandma and Mom
The girls after grocery shopping
The girls before we left Shelby on her own.
I made cupcakes for Shelby the Sunday before she left. They are in the shape of USU!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Temple Open House

Garron and I were able to go to the Oquirrah Mountain Temple Open House earlier this summer. We brought Trissa (Garron’s little sister staying with us for the summer) with us as well. She had gone a few weeks earlier with some of the youth of her ward when they came up from Vegas for a Temple trip, but she said she still enjoyed it.

I love when I drive into Salt Lake and I can see all the Temples in the Valley. The Church just recently announced another new Temple site in Utah, Brigham City, which would make a total of 14 temples in Utah.

We had a wonderful time visiting the temple and to see all of the hard work that went into the building of the Temple. Soon, I hope to go again with Garron to do a session.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dinner in the Mountains... July 2009

Every year my family usually goes camping. It’s always a difficult task as we own a summer business that requires most of the family to be at work 5-7 days a week. So we always try and plan to go around my dad’s day off and spend that evening and the next morning/afternoon up the canyon. However, this year we did not find the time for the annual camping trip. We tried several times and got pretty close, but somehow things still got in the way.

So instead of actually going camping this year, my family invited me to have dinner up the canyon. It was so nice to spend a few hours with my family in the beautiful mountains and enjoy a wonderful dinner. Garron was working that week so he missed out but my dad did a great job with dinner!!! (Notice I was still prego… seems like forever ago.)

Dad and Bryce cooking dinner.

Me and Shelby



Shelby’s Graduation

My little sister Shelby graduated high school earlier this year. It was awhile ago and she is now in college but I thought I would document it anyway.

Shelby wasn’t like the other siblings. We were all SO ready to get out of high school and move out, but Shelby loved high school. She had a ton of friends and really loved school, and it probably helped that Mom and Dad was a lot easier on her then any of us other kids.

The night of graduation the whole family had dinner at Macaroni Grill and watched as she opened her graduation gift… a brand new laptop computer. She was so excited. We headed off to the graduation ceremony and sat through it just to watch the 2 second walk Shelby made to get her diploma. Oh well, she did it! Congratulations Shelby!!!

Shelby with the parentals

The whole gang (minus Garron) after the ceremony

The sisters!

The whole family at dinner