Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 2010 So Far

This is a little bit random, but I wanted to post some pictures of what we have been up to so far this June. Daddy has been working lots but that means soon, we get to play lots. We have enjoyed the warm weather and really hate the days when it gets rainy or windy! Hopefully it will warm up soon and stay that way. Crazy Utah weather!!!


Driving with daddy
First French Fry... She loved it. So she can stay in the family. Haha..
Went shopping at the mall with the girls.

Swimming at Lindon Pool. We love this pool. There is a lazy river and a great kiddie area. Olivea has so much fun here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Las Vegas... May 2010

Well Olivea and I flew down to Las Vegas at the end of May because my Father-in-law got tickets for the girls to go see Carrie Underwood. We hadn't been to Vegas since January so it was about time to visit and see everyone. Plus Uncle Mikey got home from his mission at the end of April and he still hadn't met Olivea. So we headed to Vegas!

The Carrie Underwood concert was AMAZING. Usually most live concerts are awesome but sound not so great, but Carrie was spot on and sounded GREAT! Thanks to my awesome father-in-law for getting us tickets, not to mention 12th row tickets! Of course we all forgot our cameras at home. LAME. But still we had a great time. And thanks again to Bryan (and Mikey) for watching Olivea so us girls could partay!

Garron had to work the day we needed to fly out so Olivea and I went ahead and Garron flew in on Sunday night. We had a great time enjoying the warm weather while it snowed in Utah and just catching up with family. Thanks to the Combs who let us stay at their house and Mikey for letting us take over his room for a week.

The siblings not acting crazy for 2 seconds!

While we were there, a family from the Combs' ward invited us to their family home evening at a near by park. We enjoyed visiting with them but the highlight was walking down the street to see all the peacocks. There are about 30-40 wild peacocks that just kinda live at this house and in the trees. The owners of the home leave out dog food at night for them to eat and the peacocks just stick around. Olivea LOVED watching them and also feeding the horses. She really loves animals and Papa is great to show her all about them.

One actually opened it's feathers for us. So pretty!

Then we went over to the horses.

And Papa even helped Olivea feed one. It kinda scared her but she was brave!

At the park, Olivea tried swinging for the FIRST time. She loved it. Not too many parks have swings anymore, in fact since we have been home I have been trying to find one but have had no luck! :(

Oh great... She already wants to drive a red sports car. Her Papa is so proud!

We ended the trip going swimming at the Henderson Multi-Gen Pool. Olivea loves to swim and it was a really warm day. She took a great nap after! That's the best part for Mom!

Bryce turns 15!!!! Wow!

My little brother had a birthday a little while ago. We love having Bryce around and as he gets older, he is more and more fun to be with. I love watching him grow up and transform from a boy to a man. Although that process is a long time coming!

Happy Birthday Bryce!!

Oh and a few weeks ago, Bryce had a choir concert that we went to to support him. Well, really to make fun of him afterward. Awhile ago he told us he was in the "deep end". Meaning he was a bass not a tenor. Silly boy!

Dancing Through the Decades

A couple of months ago, my parent's stake put on what they called "Dancing and Dating Through the Decades". The youth from each ward had to choreograph a dance to a song from a certain decade and before each performance there was a little skit about dating. It was great for the youth to learn proper dancing styles and appropriate dating habits from the For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet. The stake performed for the parents/families and of course we were all there to support my little brother Bryce.

Olivea loved all the dancing and music and was great through the entire program. Way to go girl!!!

Olivea watching the performances.

The girls!
Grandpa and Bryce after the performance.

The is the best I could do to get Bryce's picture. The whole time he had his head down or he turned around. Ugh boys!!!

The whole fam damily!!!