Friday, April 20, 2012

July 2011 Update Part 2- Lake Powell Trip

The big thing this month was a fabulous trip to Lake Powell and with no kids!! Brandon and Kyrina were so nice to watch the kids for us most of the time and then Heidi Larson helped out the last day or two. I had never been to Lake Powell but it was so much fun. Garron and I headed down to St.George a day early and stayed with my grandparents. It was so fun seeing them and catching up. Oh and they have a gorgeous house! Then we finished the drive to Lake Powell going through Zions. It was one of the fun-est road trips with Garron. We laughed so hard and talked and sang our guts out. It was a blast. Then the 3 days on the lake were also a blast. The weather was perfect, the scenery was incredible and it was just great to be away from “life” for a little bit.

Driving through Zions. 

The girls!

Lunch the first day. Please ignore the no make up and smeared mascara!

The two of them together is not a good combo. 

Dinner at some pizza place... Delish! 

On our way home... Sad!

July 2011 Update

Papa and Nana stopped by to visit us after their trek for their ward. 

We went up to Snowbird for the Fourth Of July. They have a big breakfast and you can actually ski this year because there was still enough snow. Dad, Mark, Heidi and Lars Larson all skied on the Fourth. 

Also, this month Garrons company closed. Luckily the owner of that company sold it awhile ago and started a new company. When they heard that Garron was looking for a job, they wanted him on asap. Fourtnately for us, we were only without a job for about 2 weeks. Everything worked out perfectly. 

Kallie's birthday 


This girl LOVES RANCH!!!

 more boating trips 

Lindon Pool with Brandon and Kyrina

 And more cheer practice.